About The Stained Glass Studio

Maurice Jackson is a stained glass artist and designer who established The Stained Glass Studio as an independent workshop in Eskbank ,Dalkeith near Edinburgh.

He was formally trained as a fine artist and was attracted to working in stained glass through his love of the beauty and excitement of the medium. The splendour and impact that can be created through the combination of natural light shining through coloured and painted stained glass design, outlined by the drawing created by the lead, can be quite exhilarating. Maurice brings together a combination of the designer’s skills and those of the artist when working in glass. He has worked on and created many contemporary and period-influenced stained glass panels in a distinctive and refreshing style that makes his stained glass truly special.In his stained glass work, Maurice draws on a range and variety of both mouth-blown antique and machine-made glasses and uses these in combination with his painting and drawing skills to produce glasswork that is extremely exciting.

The Stained Glass Studio in Edinburgh makes and repairs stained glass windows, employing traditional craft skills and techniques. These involve using a range of glass and materials. The techniques used include glass painting with enamels, glass etching, and the restoration of damaged glass using recognised conservation methodologies.

Stained glass commissions for windows, fanlights, mirrors, and light-catchers across Scotland and the rest of the UK are welcomed.

Maurice Jackson manages the stained glass studio in Edinburgh and personally handles the traditional reproduction work and repairs. His visual skills combine well with an attention to technical detail and authenticity that ensures all work is carried out to the highest standards.

Maurice also advises and manages the installation of all stained glass work in Scotland and will liaise with client’s architects, designers and contractors where necessary.

The Stained Glass Studio website contains examples of original works, restoration and repairs undertaken by Maurice.

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