Window Repairs & Restoration

In the first instance a visit would usually be needed to assess the condition of your stained glass window panel(s) and the type of remedial repair or restoration work required. For example, if there are some glass breaks but the window is generally in good condition, it might be possible to do repairs ‘in-situ’ without removing the full window panel. This tends to be quite cost effective.

However, if the damage is more extensive, such as lead joints having deteriorated or the panel being distorted with unstable stained glass, then it would have to be taken back to The Stained Glass Studio workshop for restoration.

During the stained glass window repair process, as much as possible of the original glass is retained and only broken or missing pieces would be replaced. The panel is then re-assembled using new lead and cemented on completion. If the panel is in a door and subject to much vibration, additional steel bars can be inserted for added strength and security. The finished refurbished panel should then last, maintenance free, for many years.

Good advice would always be to look after your stained glass. It can be a valuable asset in your property. Do not let stained glass windows get into such a state of disrepair that they need major surgery.

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